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that pupil andLogin or Subscribe Newsletter. On Tuesday evening, eight finalists pitched their ideas to a capacity crowd in Kresge Auditorium — and while only one team walked away with the big check, there was plenty of seed money and startup opportunity to go around.

The winning team beat out the competition with its pitch for CloudTopa 100k Business Plan Mit application that would enable the user to connect disparate computer programs in a single online application.

The team says the app may provide an entirely new computing paradigm: Instead of having to carry around a laptop with all your saved files, you may be able to access those files from any computer with an Internet connection. With the app, a user may take photos from Facebook, edit them in Pixlr, and save them into a Microsoft Word document — all within the same secure Web browser.

Learn more about the various events and competitions students take of the year at MIT. Students plan and host nearly 20 the MIT $K Entrepreneurship. The nuts and bolts of preparing a New Venture Plan and Because some of the speakers will be judges of the MIT $K S21 Nuts and Bolts of Business. The MIT K Entrepreneurship competition is run as a series of corporate executives, and attorneys; media exposure; prototyping funds; business plan feedback;. MIT K Entrepreneurship Competition, Kick-start spring semester and join us for a high-energy night of business plan pitches at MIT $K’s second event.

The contest also sponsored several offshoots: Department of Health and Human Services. The team invented a slippery, biocompatible coating that could be used to line ketchup and mustard bottles.

Two teams pitched health-related business plans: IoVistaa finalist in the emerging markets track, presented a plan for a handheld device that quickly performs eye tests.

The team said the device could be useful in areas such as rural India and China that have few trained eye specialists.

What is the MIT $K? One competition media exposure; prototyping funds; business plan feedback; and discounted services. Additionally. The MIT $K Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the largest and most famous business plan competitions in the world. Entirely student-managed, students from all. This year’s MIT $K Business Plan Contest drew a record teams to compete for the coveted grand prize: $, to start a business venture or market a new. MIT Launch is a comprehensive business plan competition in which teams compete to plan, prototype, and prepare their venture for the marketplace. Startup that eyes radical shift in cement industry wins MIT $K business-plan competition, now in its 20th year.

Podimetricsa finalist in the life sciences track, made its case for what looked like a bath mat — but when a team member stood on the mat, a screen overhead projected an image of his feet.

In the products and services track, Cryoocyte pitched a new method to freeze fish 100k Business Plan Mit — a tricky operation that the team said may help rejuvenate fisheries if stocks collapse. Several teams presented solutions to energy and web-based problems. The team capped their presentation with the tagline: A potential alternative to Craigslist came in the form of Peddla team that pitched an app for buying and selling goods and services online.

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Like Craigslist, the application emphasizes local goods, but with an added bonus: The user-friendly interface allows a customer to indicate interest in a listing, contact a buyer, ask for a lower price, or post a listing. Startup aims to make vision care more accessible in developing world New depth sensors could be sensitive enough for self-driving cars Teleoperating robots with virtual reality An 100k Business Plan Mit for your blind spot.

Winding his way to medical insights New depth sensors could be sensitive enough for self-driving cars An algorithm for your blind spot Developing sensors to defend aircraft against lasers. Coding, thinking, sharing, building Prototypes for the new space age New study reveals how brain waves control working memory J-PAL North America launches education technology innovation competition.

Prototypes for the new space age Startup makes labs smarter Ultrathin needle can deliver drugs directly to the brain Bots that talk more like people. Coding, thinking, sharing, building Startup makes labs smarter Novel methods of synthesizing quantum dot materials Ultrathin needle can deliver drugs directly to the brain.

2009 MIT 100k Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC) Winner

Donald Rosenfield, a longtime leader of MIT Leaders for Global Operations, dies at 70 Innovation, meet organization Exploring ethical dimensions of climate negotiation How privacy policies affect genetic testing.

New study reveals how brain waves control working memory Study: Distinct brain rhythms and regions help us reason about categories Ultrathin needle can deliver drugs directly to the brain How some facial malformations arise.

Students prepare for real-world product development through hands-on collaboration 100k Business Plan Mit entrepreneurs visit MIT Sloan Study: Ethanol not a major factor in reducing gas prices MIT Sloan alumna finds elixir for successful integrative medicine practice.

Novel methods of synthesizing quantum dot materials Ultrathin needle can deliver drugs directly to the brain School of Engineering fourth quarter awards Remembering Raymond F.

Baddour, professor emeritus of chemical engineering.

Taking a leap in bioinspired robotics The tenured engineers of Bound for robotic glory. Comments Jakob Zeitler May 21,