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It's quite a conventional video in these aspects but sets it's self apart with the use of editing and including some dance aspects. The lyrics are more loosely mimicked through references rather than actually visually replicating them. In the scene with the steps lighting up when he stands on them the steps are in time with the beat of the music at the time. Another moment when this is particularly obvious is in A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star beginning when Jackson is dancing, all of his steps and moves are in time with the music and never seem to be out of the beat.

Are there close-ups of the artist and star image motifs? This video has a lot of moments of showing Jackson as a star. One of the main scenes that particularly show the notion of looking is when the camera in the window is taking a shot of the man sneaking up behind Jackson and the polaroid prints out showing just the man and the pole with Jackson missing. Michael Jackson is shown in a voyeuristic way quite a lot with the dance moves including a lot of pelvic motions and him posing in front of the camera flipping his leather jacket and matching jeans.

This video is based largely on narrative; the paparazzi following Jackson trying to get a shot of him getting into bed with a woman to prove that he is having a relationship with her. The A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star - Drop This video is showing a lot of characteristics associated with rap videos like the area they're in shows their "turf" which is common in rap songs and videos.

The clothing's of the sort of style of the people that are in their area. Rather then sticking to having a serious video they've injected humor into their video which gives them a larger audience then they otherwise would have. Lyrics don't seem to be visually represented much, if at all, in this music video. Rather then mimicking the lyrics they've decided to go for a more humorous video. The song doesn't really contradict the lyrics either, it's as if the lyrics weren't important when they were making the video and were more interessted in making sure the video stuck to their "tough" image.

Music and visuals in this video are closely linked and the majority of the video is done in time.

Dance moves when done stay in time and have something to emphasize the beat in them rather then ignoring it. This track is obviously being advertised as A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star humorous rap song with a bit of an oddity to it.

The main tool to give it it's unique look is the fact that the whole video is being played backwards. This is never shown to be really obvious in the beginning of the video with only a few actions seeming a bit off but is shown through things like one of the artists jumping back up onto a truck and the glass reforming when hit with the hammer.

This video is quite different to their other videos which seem to focus less on the rapping side then this one. In the others the videos seem to be more conventional and more serious rather then having a unique humorous twist to it like in "Drop". The Pharcyde - Drop The Pharcyde - Passin' me by The only notion of looking that's used in this video seems to be at the end with the painted window. Paints used to make faces on the window which the artists stand behind so that they can be seen with the paint person overlaying them.

Artists are displayed sexually walking around with only their underwear on and then dressing themselves as they're walking down the street. This is either to show that they're sexual people or that they're so comfortable in their surroundings that they don't mind walking around in any state of dress. The whole concept is the abstract surreal walking going backwards but forwards through click video whilst giving a good performance during it which is shown through the dance-y feel to some of their actions and them keeping in time with the beat.

There really isn't a A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star narrative in this video as it's more about the actions and performance rather then including a story but if there is one then it's to do with the going through their town and being them even though they're now well known and making money from their music. All three of these have some similar characteristics, like having the heavy guitar which they show being played in the video, having some form of destruction occur during the video and they all have a heavy emphasis on the rhythm in the music.

Whilst this doesn't have the characteristic lyrics this is due to the fact that it's a cover version of a well known pop song and as such has kept the original lyrics just changed the tempo and the instrumentals. The video for smooth criminal isn't really based on following the lyrics, it's meant as a performance, not to narrate the song. Due to this fact there isn't really any moments in the video where the lyrics are represented.

The beat is kept to throughout the whole video. This is done well even when they're just stood on the stage singing they're "bopping" to the beat.

The instrumental parts of the song are shown as the artists dancing and emphasizing the genre more by showing them playing the instruments. It's been remolded so that it's no longer as slow and so would appeal to the audience that at the time was demanding more faster tempo-ed songs. The artists are being shown as rockers who like to cause a bit of mayhem the huge crowds and performing in a wrestling ring Alien Ant Farm often have this sort of image portrayed in their music videos with quite heavy guitars and some humor being shown without trying to make them look too silly themselves.

Extras in the just click for source are used to be seen sexually more then the actual artists I think. Whilst the artists are shown to be dancing occasionally in a way that they believe to be sexual they're not actually shown as sexual objects in this video.

The main moment put in for the male gaze is when the female is jumping into the pool in only a bikini, jacket and a werewolf mask. This is used to be both sexual and humorous and I believe it works well for their video and suits the video. Nearly every intertextual reference in this video is towards Michael Jackson.

Save lots A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star they'll

This is expected due to the fact that it's a cover of a Michael Jackson song but the band has obviously gone out of their way to make as many references towards Jackson as possible: Split screen effect with the dancing being split with some singing. Also the lighting up steps.

Oct 21, · essay outline for the color purple a remote essay about hip-hop star - Duration: a persuavive essay about the media following the stars. Jan 03, · With remote controls, Slabs are hip-hop on wheels. By Lisa Gray. TLC 'Trading Spaces' star just low-key dissed Joanna Gaines;. Many of hip-hop’s Home / General-Articles / History Of Cazal data and documents on your secured virtual desktop with remote accessibility on. This essay is dedicated to the Godfather of Native Americans in hip-hop, Uncle Ernie Coca-Cola bottle from an airplane flying over a remote Indigenous. The Five-Percent Nation holds events known as Universal Parliaments in and sounded like the name of a hip hop pointed star pendant with a.

Dancing and the lighting up steps. Lots of signature Michael Jackson dance moves have been used, and the child dancing like in the original version of this song. Michael Jackson sparkly glove being used as a chair and the monkey to refer to Jackson's pet monkey, Bubbles. This video is nearly completely performance based.

Everything in the video was put in to make it as entertaining or as interesting as possible.

Lady Gaga - Judas Judas, like most article source Lady Gaga songs, is a pop song with a heavy narrative and meaning put into it.

There isn't loads of obvious illustrations of lyrics in this video but they have a lot of subtle ones. This beat is kept to throughout the whole song. The beat is emphasized through the use of dance moves and actions being performed on it as well.

There isn't really any moments when there's instrumental solos, but at one point the music stops all together to emphasize an important part in the narrative of the video. One of the scenes from the musical pause. This track is very Lady Gaga. They want this video to be as shocking and talked about as her other videos and so uses a controversial theme.

Lady Gaga is still shown as being a sexual object throughout this video with the skimpy outfits showing a lot of skin and her being the only female in a large group A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star males.

Whilst this is objectifying her the being the only female makes her seem more powerful which might appeal towards the female viewers. These two show her as the tough confident female, Whilst these two show her being objectified dancing sexily.

The theme of the song and the video is religious and talking about love. Because of this the video contains a lot of religious connotations: It's story is based off of Jesus and Judas. It's shot in a chronological order but with a conventional pop video feel with the dance scenes slotted in where appropriate.

The story is about the singer being in love with Judas but wanting redemption from Jesus. Gaga wants to show a message through her video that even though one might seek for redemption it isn't always given which is shown through her getting stoned presumably for adulatory at the end.

Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time

Lyrics are illustrated in this video through interpretation. Visuals stick with the audio very well during the video, the movements stay to the beat and emphasize it. During the guitar solo rather then continuing the slight narrative it's paused while they give the instrument close shots. The artists are portrayed as being their own unique people, 'Fallen angels'. This is common in BLB's videos as they aim to appeal towards the people who are "different" as they themselves believe that they're different.

They give each band member close ups to show that they are all a band but that they're all themselves rather then just being known by the main singer. The band members and a few of the female extras are made to be sexual objects in the video. The clothing worn is what that genre wears which is quite tight and revealing anyway but in this helps to give some sex appeal to the video.

There isn't any specific intertextual references in this video A Remote Essay About Hip Hop Star the ones there are seem to be the general norm through rock videos and I can't find where they started from. These are things like the setting, having the scene with the band playing a lot, the clothing, etc. Narrative and performance are a large part of this video. The narrative is about them falling down from 'Heaven' and then being joined by more and more 'Fallen Angels' who also want to be who they are and end up as a big group of people who all have something in common.

At the disco - But it's see more if you do Meant to be a rock song it doesn't really follow the conventions of one.