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Get it on the web or iPad! Home Assignments Resources Syllabus. The first impressions gained of the characters are consistently accurate representations of their natures, while not being whole pictures. Ibsen prefers to allow the continuing character interactions to define each one a little at a time.

The dynamic between three characters in particular remains the same throughout the story, but reveals with each successive encounter the particular nature of their click, as well as their pasts.

Her words to her husband, as well as her refusal to visit his aunts or pay them the least respect, defines one of the key points of her personality: In the end, Hedda is victorious. The control which Hedda is able to exact is testament to just how skilled she has become at manipulation.

His return to town was referred English Ib World Literature Essay several times in Act Click, each recurrence of which made Hedda act strangely, hinting at something between the two that had existed before the time of the play.

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He comes into her house, and they sit reminiscing. Many things about their previous relationship are revealed, including the fact that they were indeed lovers, and Hedda intimates that she used him for the control and the thrill that it afforded her.

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Their relationship ended with her threatening to shoot him with one of her pistols which she is so fond of. He claims, to Hedda, that they shared nothing, that Thea was beneath him, but when Thea herself enters, it does not seem so, and Hedda herself does not seem to believe it. The swiftness with which he falls under her control is a betrayal of the attachment still between them.

This willingness of his to follow her lead and do as she desires proves to be a strong foreshadowing for later events. Her attachment to him is deep, and her belief in him something that will cause her great pain.

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She trusts Hedda despite her better judgment, and allows her to hear her deepest confidences. Source is unable to act on her own, depending on the strength of others. This frailty of spirit will prove to be her greatest weakness in later events. The one night that has passed, that of the bachelor party, has caused him to have a complete change of heart in English Ib World Literature Essay to the work he had done with Thea, and the life that he intends to lead.

The loss of his manuscript, which unknown to him had been recovered by Tesman, was one step in the direction of the disaster that Hedda had been fabricating.

Despite his later confession to Hedda that he had spoken the words only to spare Thea the worst, the metaphor does not lost its relevance. Though he had thrived so well in the presence of Thea, it could not last when he was confronted with his weakness: He asks her about vine leaves, the vine English Ib World Literature Essay that she used to dream of and which spoke to her of glory and beauty, to which she responds that she no longer believes in them.

Hedda has realized that an end is drawing near for all of her careful manipulations, and that nothing beautiful will come of them. All of her control came to naught, as another proved more cunning than her, and the ruination which she had brought on the lives of others befell her as well.

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