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tender wishHe also was the co-inventor of the first wearable computer along with Claude Shannon. Thorp also pioneered the use of quantitative investment Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends in the financial markets Option Arbitrage, Warrant Modeling, Convertible Arbitrage, Index Arbitrage and Statistical Arbitrage.

Thorp speaks clearly and from the heart. He reminds me of that other ultra rational decision maker Charlie Munger. Despite his prodigious intellectual gifts Thorp remains grounded and approachable. A few sentences reveals his gift for communication which reminds me of Michael Mauboussin:. Choice is how you play them. Did you start 20 yards behind the start line or 20 yards ahead of it, or right on it?

People start in different places.

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Those are cards that are dealt. Thorp likes to stay within his circle of competence. This is a hallmark of people who are rational. In that sense, Thorp reminds me of Warren Buffett. But unlike Buffett, Thorp did not make his fortune in read article market by analyzing businesses and instead found his special competency in statistical arbitrage, which he more or less invented.

Thorp was able to successfully take his considerable mathematical and intellectual gifts and apply them in an area where he has a significant advantage. Thorp also decided early in life to get in the side car of other people who have a different competitive advantage. When Buffett was winding up his partnership he was asked to do some due diligence on Thorp as an investor by a mutual friend. That here of events resulted in Thorp and his wife playing bridge with Buffett in Thorp described the meeting: A mutual friend talked recently with Warren, who spoke warmly of our meetings, of Beat the Dealer and Beat the Marketand of non-transitive dice.

Speaking of impressive mental calculation, Barry Ritholz recently interviewed Thorp and watched him calculate his return on his Berkshire shares in his head.

The number of things Thorp taught himself is astounding. If you have similar mathematical gifts as Ed Thorp or Buffett, good for you. I do not have them. Even if you have those mathematical gifts, are you are rational as Thorp? Do you have control of your ego sufficiently to stay within Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends circle of competence? In which category do you fit? Do you enjoy learning a lot about businesses?

Are you willing to devote many hours a day to researching businesses? I would rather drop a large rock on my toe than gamble. Again, the comparison to the methods of Charlie Munger is easy. I Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends when I first started reading about the Kelly criterion in books and essays written by Robert Hagstrom and Michael Mauboussin. It was a revelation. Imagine how cool it would have been to be a fly on the wall when Thorp and Claude Shannon were having conversations at MIT.

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Or learning and debating with Richard Feynman. In a paper detailing the shenanigans Thorp writes:. We kept the method and the existence of the computer secret until Each wager was an independent wager, and all other exposures, like betas, currencies and interest rates were hedged to market neutrality. The returns were great on an absolute basis, but phenomenal on a risk-adjusted basis.

Over its months of operation, money was made in months, and lost in only 3. Thorp knows that you should never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

There are few things as powerful in human affairs as incentives. Both at a personal level and in society as a whole, incentives are the dominant cause of outcomes. The more you understand the impact of incentives, the more you understand life. Munger not surprisingly agrees with Thorp: The cash register did more for human morality than the Congregational Church.

It was a really powerful phenomenon to make an economic system work better, just as, in reverse, a system that can be easily defrauded ruins a civilization. The most effective way to learn this lesson is the same way you learn not to touch a hot stove as a child.

But the better way is to watch someone else do it. Bernard Baruch described why stock tops are so appealing to some people in this way:. A man with no Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends pipeline of information will study the economic facts of a situation and will act coldly on that basis. Give the same man inside information and he feels himself so much smarter than other people that he will disregard the most evident facts. When hamburgers go up, we weep.

Charlie had gone to Harvard Law School and, when a friend of mine Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends his degree there a few years later, he found that Charlie was a legend — with many saying he was the smartest person ever to have attended.

As a first year student Charlie was said to have regularly intimidated professors in the classroom. They would bet on who would roll the higher number most often. Buffett offered to let Gates pick his die first.

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He asked to examine the dice, after which he demanded that Buffett choose first. An explanation of these dice is here: Gerard was then looking for a place to put his money because his current manager was closing down his partnership. Before commiting any money to Thorp, Gerard wanted his money manager click at this page meet Thorp and size him up.

A few sentences reveals his gift for communication which Essays On Disadvantage Of Paying Dividends me of Michael Mauboussin: If you are really good at accounting, you might be good as a value investor.

If you are strong in computers and math, you might do best with a quantitative approach. It was all I would be doing. But if I could go back and trade places with Warren, would I do it? I never even thought about finance until I was They are entertained by following and analyzing securities.

I think they can learn about special, unusual things although there is a price for that education. If they find something that really works then they can start putting more money into it. I build an organization, which is small, and it gradually grows.

It gets more and more skills. It gets into more and more kinds of investing. You, basically, get over the hurdle and get yourself established. People play negative-expectation games. Maybe the majority of wealth is accumulated because of tilted playing fields.

Not because of merit.

On the other hand, if you have an edge link bankroll will grow and grow and grow. Basically, what happens is your bankroll either grows or shrinks depending on what your edge is or what your disadvantage is. There are so many similarities and so much one can teach you about the other.

Actually, gambling can teach you more about the stock market than the other way around. Gambling provides an analytically simpler world, and you can see principles and test theories. And the blackjack tables are an amazingly good training ground for learning how to invest, how to think about investments, how to manage them. And the reason is that they teach you, on the one hand, to use probability and statistics to evaluate things.

And on the other, they teach you discipline. When you find something, you stick to it. I realized that in a minute or two that if cards were used up during the play of the game, the odds would shift back and forth — sometimes for the casino, continue reading for me. But what if your 16 is comprised of two fours and four twos? When I had the edge, I bet big, but not so big as to risk going broke.

When the cards favored the casino, I played defense, to limit my losses.

The same approach worked on Wall Street: Gambling and investing are alike — in both you risk money, which you then may win or lose. If you bet much more you can be ruined, even if you have article source favorable situation. It tells you how to allocate your money among the choices available, and how much to invest as your edge increases and the risk decreases.

It also avoids the over-betting that can ruin an investor who otherwise has an edge. If you bet half the Kelly amount, you get about three-quarters of the return with half the volatility. I believe that betting half Kelly is psychologically much better…. So the probabilities are a little different from what I calculated because there may be something else going on in the game that is outside my calculations.

Now go to Wall Street.