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ehow now recruiting andGregory of Nazianzus Greek: He is widely considered the most accomplished rhetorical stylist of the patristic age.

Gregory made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology among both Greek- and Latin -speaking theologians, and he is remembered as the "Trinitarian Theologian".

Much of his theological work continues to influence modern theologians, especially in regard to the relationship among the three Persons of the Trinity. Gregory is a saint in both Eastern and Western Christianity. He is also one of only three men in the click here of the Orthodox Church who have been officially designated "Theologian" by epithet, [5] the other two being St.

John the Theologian the Evangelistand St. Symeon the New Theologian. Gregory was born of Greek parentage [6] in the family estate of Karbala outside the village of Arianzus, near Nazianzusin southwest Cappadocia. Gregory went on to study advanced rhetoric and philosophy in Nazianzus, CaesareaAlexandria and Athens. On the way to Athens his ship encountered a violent storm, and the terrified Gregory prayed to Christ that if He would deliver him, he would dedicate his life to His service.

In Gregory returned to Nazianzus and was ordained a presbyter by his father, who wanted him to assist with caring for local Christians. Arriving at Nazianzus, Gregory found the local Christian community split by theological differences and his father accused of heresy by local monks. By this time Emperor Julian had publicly declared himself in opposition to Christianity.

Invectives asserts that Christianity will overcome imperfect rulers such as Julian through love and Steps To Write Business Plan. This process as described by Gregory is the public manifestation of the process of deification theosiswhich leads to a spiritual elevation and mystical union with God. Gregory spent the next few years combating Arianismwhich threatened to divide the region of Cappadocia.

This success Gregory G Ruth Resume for both Gregory and Basil that their futures lay in administration of the Church.

Gregory was ordained Bishop of Sasima in by Basil. Gregory would later refer to his episcopal ordination as forced upon him by his strong-willed father and Basil. By late Gregory returned to Nazianzus to assist his dying father with the administration of his diocese. Gregory retorted that he had no intention to continue to play the role of pawn to advance Basil's interests. It was here that Gregory preached the first of his great episcopal orations. Following the deaths of his mother and father inGregory continued to administer the Diocese of Nazianzus but refused to be named bishop.

Donating most of his inheritance to the needy, he lived an austere existence. Near the end of this period his friend Basil died. Although Gregory's health did not permit him to attend the funeral, he wrote a heartfelt letter of condolence to Basil's brother, Gregory of Nyssa and composed twelve memorial poems dedicated Gregory G Ruth Resume the memory of his departed friend.

Emperor Valens died in The accession of Theodosius Ia steadfast supporter of Nicene orthodoxy, was good news to those who wished to purge Constantinople of Arian and Apollinarian domination.

From his deathbed, Basil reminded them of Gregory's capabilities and likely recommended his friend to champion the trinitarian cause in Constantinople. Inthe Antioch synod and its archbishop, Meletios, asked Gregory to go to Constantinople to lead a theological campaign to win over that city to Nicene orthodoxy. His cousin Theodosia offered him a villa for his residence; Gregory immediately transformed much of it into a church, naming it Anastasia, "a scene for the resurrection of the faith".

Look at these facts: Christ is born, the Holy Spirit is His Forerunner. Christ is baptized, the Spirit bears witness to this Christ works miracles, the Spirit accompanies them. Christ ascends, the Spirit takes His place. What great things are there in the idea of God which are not in His power? What titles appertaining to God do Gregory G Ruth Resume apply also to Him, except for Unbegotten and Begotten? I tremble when I think of such an abundance of titles, and how many Names they blaspheme, those who revolt against the Spirit!

Gregory's homilies were well received and attracted ever-growing crowds to Anastasia. Fearing his popularity, his opponents decided to strike.

On the vigil of Easter inan Arian mob burst into his church during worship services, wounding Gregory and killing another bishop. Escaping the mob, Gregory next found himself betrayed by his erstwhile friend, the philosopher Maximus the Cynic.

Maximus, who was in secret alliance with Peter, bishop of Alexandria, attempted to seize Gregory's position and have himself ordained bishop of Constantinople. However, the episode left him embarrassed and exposed him to criticism as a provincial simpleton unable to cope with intrigues of the imperial city.

Affairs in Constantinople remained confused as Gregory's position was still unofficial and Arian priests occupied many important churches. The arrival this web page the emperor Theodosius in settled matters in Gregory's favor. The emperor, determined to eliminate Arianism, expelled Bishop Demophilus. Gregory was subsequently enthroned as bishop of Constantinople at the Basilica of the Apostles, replacing Demophilus.

Theodosius wanted to further unify the entire empire behind the orthodox position and decided to convene a church council to resolve matters of faith and discipline. In the spring of they convened the Second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople, which was attended by Eastern bishops.

After the death of the presiding bishop, Meletius of AntiochGregory was selected to lead the Council. Hoping to reconcile the West with the East, he offered to recognize Paulinus as Patriarch of Antioch. The Egyptian and Macedonian bishops who had supported Maximus's ordination arrived late for the Council. Once there, they refused to recognise Gregory's position as Gregory G Ruth Resume of the church of Constantinople, arguing that his transfer from the See of Sasima was canonically illegitimate.

Gregory was physically exhausted and go here that he was losing the confidence of the bishops and the emperor.

I was responsible for the storm, but I would sacrifice myself for the salvation of the ship. Seize me and throw me I was not happy when I ascended the throne, and gladly would I descend it.

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The emperor, moved by his words, applauded, commended his labor and granted his resignation. The Council asked him to appear once more for a farewell ritual and celebratory orations. Gregory used this occasion to deliver a final address Or. Returning to his homeland of Cappadocia, Gregory once again resumed his position as bishop of Nazianzus.

He spent the next year combating the local Apollinarian heretics and struggling with periodic illness. He also began composing De Vita Suahis autobiographical poem. Gregory established Eulalius as bishop of Nazianzus and then withdrew into the solitude of Arianzum. After enjoying six peaceful years in retirement at his family estate, he died on 25 January in Throughout his life Gregory faced stark choices.

Should he pursue studies as a rhetor or philosopher? Would a monastic Gregory G Ruth Resume be more appropriate than public ministry? Was it better to blaze his own path or follow the course mapped for him by his father and Basil?

Gregory's writings illuminate the conflicts which both tormented and motivated him. Biographers suggest that it was this dialectic which defined him, forged his character and inspired his search for meaning and truth. Gregory's most significant theological contributions arose from his defense of the doctrine of the Trinity. He is especially noted for his contributions to the field of pneumatology —that is, theology concerning the nature of the Holy Spirit.

He emphasized that Jesus did not cease to be God when he became a man, nor did he lose any of his divine attributes when he took on human nature. Gregory G Ruth Resume, Gregory asserted that Christ was fully human, including a full human soul. He also proclaimed the eternality of the Holy Spirit, saying that the Holy Spirit's actions were somewhat hidden in the Old Testament but much clearer since the ascension of Jesus into Heaven and the descent of the Holy Spirit at the click the following article of Pentecost.

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In contrast to the Neo-Arian belief that the Son is anomoiosor "unlike" the Father, and with the Semi-Arian assertion that the Son is homoiousiosor "like" the Father, Gregory and his fellow Cappadocians maintained the Nicaean doctrine of Gregory G Ruth Resumeor consubstantiality of the Son with the Father. Some of Gregory's theological writings suggest that, like his friend Gregory of Nyssahe may have supported some form of the doctrine of apocatastasisthe belief that God will bring all of creation into harmony with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Hanson and Philip Schaffto describe Gregory's theology as universalist.

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Gregory of Nazianzus (Greek: who insisted that Gregory resume his post at Sasima. Gregory retorted that he had no intention to continue to play the. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Gregory’s connections and jobs at similar companies. View Gregory Cockrell’s Mary Ruth Sikes. View Gregory Cyr's business profile as Trustee at University of Maine System according to UMS Trustee Gregory G please send a letter and resume or.

Apart from the several theological discourses, Gregory was also one of the most important early Christian men of letters, a very accomplished orator, perhaps one of the greatest of his time.

Gregory's great nephew Nichobulos served as his literary executor, preserving and editing many of his writings.

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A cousin, Eulalios, published several of Gregory's more noteworthy works in As Gregory's works circulated throughout the empire they influenced theological thought. His orations were cited as authoritative by the First Council of Ephesus in By he was designated Theologusor Theologian by the Council of Chalcedon [4]: He is widely quoted by Eastern Orthodox theologians and highly regarded as a defender of the Christian faith.

His contributions to Trinitarian theology are also influential and often cited in the Western churches. Following his death, Saint Gregory was buried at Nazianzus. His relics, consisting of portions of his body Gregory G Ruth Resume clothing, were transferred to Constantinople ininto the Church of the Holy Apostles. Part of the relics were taken from Constantinople by Crusaders during the Fourth Crusadeinand ended up in Rome.

The relics are now enshrined in the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. George in the Fanar. During the six years of life which remained to him after his final retirement to his birthplace, Gregory composed the greater part of the copious poetical works which has passed down from generation.

These include a valuable autobiographical poem of nearly 2, lines; about one hundred other shorter poems relating to his past career; and a large number of epitaphs, epigrams, and epistles to well-known people during that era.

The poems that he wrote that dealt with his personal affairs refer to the continuous illness and severe sufferings physical and spiritual which assailed him during his last years. In the tiny plot of ground at Arianzusall that remained to him of his rich inheritance was by a fountain near which there was a shady walk.