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you may decideIf I could come to all of your doors with some cake and some tulips, I would. I feel such huge p So thanks for being really kind about my painting skills and my old kitchen. I feel quite at home here, both in this house, and with all of you too.

This is such a silly little-big thing. I bought this house in a really run-down state when Bill was about seven months old. So five years ago almost to the day.

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Or this old thing. But this old thing had a brook running through And a charm that reminded me of an old man with a twinkle in his eye. The other buyer was playing silly buggers apparently. I thought I was going to lose it when I became a single parent.

Top Tip No One is Always Right There is notable leniency on how to write no one; i.e., using a hyphen does not constitute a grammatical howler. However, let's be. No one vs. noone (vs. no-one) (no-one) remain far more Spell check is another fine example of how illogical it is not to write things as one word. Welcome to Writer. Used by over , Saves automatically as you write: All writing is private, secure, and backed up regularly: No annoying banner ads. Dec 19,  · How to Write a Song. From before King David, The first draft you should just write. Write with the thought that no one but you will ever see that copy. So, I initially wrote this post when I was expecting Daisy. I am now at that same stage now in my third pregnancy, with this baby.

And I struggled to pay the mortgage for a while. But then, obviously, Mark saved me and my home. One of the things he always laughs at when it comes to me, is how I apologise to everyone when they set foot in the door. Sorry about the carpet. Sorry about the mismatched cupboards in the kitchen. But I cared so much! Our kitchen is all second-hand.

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Even down to the fridge and the oven. I planned to paint these cupboards when I was overdue with Daisy. But she came quicker than her brother. I started once she came home from NICU. I managed one set of doors. And it was just too much for me at the time. She needed me more than the house did. And I left them. I said to myself that I would finish them when she was okay. After her cleft repair.

But then I spent the summer throwing up with this little boy! Martin Luther 95 yesterday when I collected all of my things from where I left them. And I sanded, sugar-soaped, primed and How To Write No One. Today has been a good day! This little one did wake at 5: But at How To Write No One she woke with a smile. My mum came over for lunch, which was nice as I needed some adult company I think.

It starts with the school run and should end at bedtime. Sharing this because she did the puzzle all by herself and can tell me some numbers and the shapes, here is just adorable.

And my bedroom is a bit messy. I went and got some bits for hospital today. And trying to guess what would fit. I got some massi And then I guess we just wait? Mark and I placed a bet on his arrival date just now. He said the 7th.

And I said the 12th. I picked the 12th because Bill and Daisy are both born on dates with the numbers one and two in.

Bill is the 12th. What do you reckon? But today has been really tough. Today has just been one of those days that we all have.

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LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SONG: No one else has your creative ideas, your voice, your thoughts, or your talents! May your songs flow! ~ Robin Frederick. To top of page. Charlotte - Write Like No One's Watching. K likes. I'm Charlotte, mama to Bill and Daisy. I blog and vlog about my life, as this is my way of. No one vs. noone (vs. no-one) (no-one) remain far more Spell check is another fine example of how illogical it is not to write things as one word.

And had generally just had me on a short leash today. And in the How To Write No One, we got home and I just cried. I try really hard not to stay in this zone for long. My kids and I have been through a lot together and I always try and push my mind back to the early days of coparenting or the hell of NICU and find a bit of perspective. And just needs her Mum. I hope you are all okay? I am juggling getting dinner ready and looking after the kids - it's been one of those days where my boss Miss Daisy has been super hard on me and I'm honestly knackered.

One small blessing though is that Bill is having a bit of tablet time with her - they are on the new LeapFrog UK Academy. It tracks his development and helps him learn, alongside his school curriculum. I popped a video live about it it's only a few minutes long! Sometimes I feel pretty rubbish about relying on our iPad How To Write No One LeapFrog Epic so I can get things done - but to be honest, happy mum, means happy kids, and he's learning and our dinner isn't burnt!

This is getting to be way too much of a thing Daisy Nelle. Mark honestly woke up this morning and said: It was so sad to watch.

Needless to say, I The one in my tum. And the one in my arms. Bill - my darling - you are still my favourite today because you sleep like a dream and even put your dirty bowls in the dishwasher. But can we all just note the state of my eyes in this photo. Daisy and I had breakfast out, this morning. And then we came back and I did an Instagram Live which still makes me want to wee with nerves! I painted lots of our woodwork yesterday, just to touch up tatty or stained or worn areas because they were bothering me.

Read more find it so exciting picking out things for our dream scenario of him being okay and coming home.

But I am also collecting bits in the event of him having a longer stay in hospital like his sister. Lots of you have asked if I will film hospital bag videos and I will gladly do them! So many babies are being born or are on their way in the next couple of months! Little Day is over the worst of chickenpox now, but her sleep is a bit all over the place. She woke up at 5: She tossed and turned for ages as we tried to doze and then, check this out the end, she settled like this.

At least she was comfortable. And Mark and I smiled at link other over her snoring and held hands, which was quite nice too.

I would like to devote this post to Bill - you can be my favourite today, because you sleep and are nice to me.

We only went to our local Costa for some lunch and then the park around the corner, but they are so much happier for it. They were silly at the table in Costa. And then they took turns on the zip wire for ages at the park. The original or the Depp version is yet to be decided!

This is NOT a joke. She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos. You can't make this stuff up I booked it myself as an early 30th birthday present from me, to me.

And it was so worth the pennies. I had a full body exfoliation and massage and then a facial and scalp massage too. So we are just going to batten down the hatches and relax I think.

She never got to wear it because of her NICU stay and when I found it, going through old clothes, I decided to pack it for this little boy, as a good luck charm of sorts.

It sums her up. If only I felt like this today. And how hard that operation and recovery was. I hope you all have a lovely day and have a nice weekend to look forward to.