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just becauseNote that Excel allows sheet names up to 31 chars in length but other applications such as OpenOffice allow more.

Some versions of Excel crash with names longer than 31 chars, others - truncate such names to 31 character.

Once this has been called, no further operations, updates or reads should be performed on the Workbook.

An empty list is returned if none is found. New projects should avoid accessing named ranges by index. Use getName String instead. Gets the defined name index by name Note: Excel defined names are case-insensitive and this method performs a case-insensitive search. New projects should use removeName Name.

Remove the defined name at the specified index Parameters: Remove a defined name by name Parameters: In order for formulas such as "[MyOtherWorkbook]Sheet3! Once a given external workbook has been linked, then formulas using it can added.

Each workbook needs linking only once. This linking only applies for writing formulas. To link things for evaluation, see FormulaEvaluator.

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The default is to return blank and null cells. Note that a sheet could instead be set to be very hidden, which is different isSheetVeryHidden int. This is different from the normal hidden status isSheetHidden int. Typically you want to force formula recalculation source you modify cell formulas or values of a workbook previously created by Excel.

When set to true, this flag will tell Excel that it needs to recalculate all formulas in the workbook the next time the file is opened. Note, that recalculation updates cached formula results and, thus, modifies the workbook. Depending on the version, Excel may prompt you with "Do you want to save the changes in filename? Copyright The Apache Software Foundation or its licensors, as applicable. How To Write Workbook is the first object most users will construct whether they are reading or writing a workbook.

Close the underlying input resource File or Streamfrom which the Workbook was read. Create a Sheet for this Workbook, adds it to the sheets and returns the high level representation. Whether Excel will be asked to recalculate all formulas when the workbook is opened. Retrieves the current policy on what to Resume Have Not Graduated when getting missing or blank cells from a row.

Retrieves the reference for the printarea of the specified sheet, the sheet name is appended How To Write Workbook the reference even if it was not specified. Adds the linking required to allow formulas referencing the specified external workbook to be added to this one.

Whether the application shall perform a full recalculation when the workbook is opened. Convenience method to get the active sheet.

How to Create a Personal Macro Workbook in Excel and Why You Need It (Part 1 of 4)

The active sheet is is the sheet which is currently displayed when the workbook is viewed in Excel. Convenience method to set the active sheet. Sets the tab whose data is actually seen when the sheet is opened. This may be different from the "selected sheet" since excel here to allow you to show the data of one sheet when another is seen "selected" in the tabs at the bottom.

Set the sheet name.

An Intentional Life Planning Workbook "Write, Open, Act: An Intentional Life Planning Workbook" is now available! Teach e-mail writing skills. Do your customer service agents write e-mails that include embarrassing grammar or punctuation errors? Do they fail to answer customers. Title: Write data into an Excel workbook in Visual Description: This example shows how to write data into an Excel workbook in Visual High level representation of a Excel workbook. This is the first object most users will construct whether they are reading or writing a workbook. Title: Write data into an Excel workbook in Visual Basic 6: Description: This example shows how to write data into an Excel workbook in Visual Basic 6.

Use this to create new sheets. Create a new sheet for this Workbook and return the high level representation. Returns an iterator of the sheets in the workbook in sheet order.

Includes hidden and very hidden sheets.

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Sets the policy on what to do when getting missing or blank cells from a row. This will then apply to all calls to Row. Check whether a sheet is hidden.

Check whether a sheet is very hidden. Hide or unhide a sheet. Please note that the sheet currently set as active sheet sheet 0 in a newly created workbook or the one set via setActiveSheet cannot be hidden.