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you prefer sinkWhile this article was first published inwe Low Gmat Optional Essay changes to all our study schedules as needed to keep them updated!

OK, you are starting more or less from scratch, and you want to prepare for the GMAT in three months. You need a strategic plan to organize yourself. I designed four different versions of the Three Month Plan, and I need you to start with a little self-diagnosis.

Which sounds most like you? Because I am assuming you have already a strong background, this plan does not include watching many lesson videos and does include more practice problems, included some very challenging material. If you see very few on that list that you feel you would need to review, then this is definitely the right plan for you. If you have a good deal of new material to learn, or have to Low Gmat Optional Essay review in several modules, then you will be better click at this page by another plan that guides you methodically through the lesson videos.

Following the most appropriate study plan for your ability level will maximize your score. If you follow all parts of this plan diligently, you will encounter all the information you will need for an elite score: How well you do will depend on everything you bring: If you are truly committed to getting an excellent score, then read this blog with the utmost of attention and care.

Do you need to adapt this study schedule to meet your needs?

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Check out this blog post for adjustment tips! Are you looking for a different study guide? Check out more GMAT study guide options here! The newest edition is the OG If you are going to buy a new guide, get that one. Do all your work on separate paper or on a computer.

You will want to keep the books clean, so that later, if you need to look at a problem again, it is still fresh and unmarked.

Those are the newest editions. These two books give more official questions, different from those in the OG. This will give you access to an extra bank of online practice Low Gmat Optional Essay problems, if you have more time for extra practice.

Remember not to write in this book either! You may find the other volumes of this series helpful, but they are entirely optional. The primary reason you are getting this volume is to get the code in the inside back cover: As explained in this Low Gmat Optional Essaythis book is purely a collection of practice problems. You will be working through this book for additional math practice. This is for additional Verbal Practice. These are great places to ask questions about anything GMAT related, or simply read article check out the discussions and see how others are preparing.

You may already have a habit of reading. Since you are planning to pursue a career read more business, it would be good to get well informed about that world, if you have not be reading about it already.

Force Low Gmat Optional Essay to read articles discussing topics with which you are unfamiliar. Read periodicals, such as the Economist magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek ; the Economist magazine is a particularly sophisticated source and it would be good to read this at least a few times a week. For more suggestions on what to read, see:. If you already are in the habit of doing challenging reading on your own, then by all means, continue reading what you want.

For more on how to use outside reading to prepare you for the GMAT, see:. If you would rather free up some week nights, and move some of the material into the other weekend day, you are welcome to do that. Currently only available in iTunes. This comprehensive web-based guide to the GMAT gives you the quick but useful overview you need to understand this test. This page includes instructions on where to find good full-length GMAT practice tests, and how to take practice tests and incorporate them into your studies.

This study plan is designed to accommodate a large number of practice tests, for students who feel that the repeated experience will best prepare them for the GMAT.

Most of these take place in the second half of the plan. You have a choice to make about how many practice GMATs you want to take. I would recommend this if you imagine that you will have a great deal of extra time and would like to devote that time to more high quality resources.

Notice, this is a twelve-week plan. If you have a wedding or a camping trip or something in the middle, you could just skip a few days, and do them later.

Alternately, it would leave you more time for the concentrated review I recommend at the end of the twelve weeks. Also, as much as possible, get enough sleep during this three month period.

What if I have a low GMAT score or undergraduate GPA?

REM sleep plays an important role in encoding long term memory, and in an eight hour period of sleep, the last hour has the most REM. Magoosh contains all the information you need for wild success on the exam and many students have achieved spectacular results using nothing but Magoosh. Nevertheless, this plan recommends that you buy additional materials and use them, in addition to the Magoosh materials. These plans were structured with far-reaching pedagogical principles in mind, and a deep consideration for how the human brain learns.

Most people cannot hear or read something just once and, from that single hearing, remember it completely and understand it fully. At Magoosh, we are very ambitious for our students; we want them to learn as thoroughly and as masterfully as possible. We recommend using these additional resources to provide additional practice, alternative explanations, and extra review. Not every student will need or want additional materials, but for those who do, the books we recommend are the best for the overall goal of doing very well on the exam.

Low Gmat Optional Essay on each subsection on that page, here read about the individual sections. Note the cards with which you are not entire familiar, and continue to review these until you know them cold.

For questions you got right, simply skim the explanation to verify that you go the question right for the right reason. If you got many questions wrong on the Diagnostic, you may have to spread this step out over the next few nights. Read the introduction to the Reading Comprehension section, do 3 Read more passage with all the associated Low Gmat Optional Essay. Whenever you do OG questions, always check your answers when you are done with the batch, and read the explanation of anything you got wrong.

Take notes in your journal on anything you need to remember from the solutions. Note that not all the OG explanations are of high quality, and some are not good at all. As an alternative, for all the questions in the OG, you can see much better explanations in our video solutions. Whenever you do Magoosh questions, if you get a question wrong, watch the video right then, and take notes in your journal about what concepts tripped you up.

When you learn a particular lesson, resist the urge to practice that material right there and then. This plan is based on the philosophy that you should see a random mix of topics every time you practice as you move Low Gmat Optional Essay the OG. Nevertheless, insofar as you can practice some of these habit consistently over the twelve weeks, you will be very good shape to handle the anxiety of test day.

The Directions for the AWA section. Brainstorming for the AWA. Read the introduction to the AWA section; skim the question prompts to get a sense of the variety. From the Argument AWA prompts in the OG that you just read, pick one at random or have someone pick it for youand take 30 minutes to write an essay on the computer. Now that you have this essay, what do you do with it? If you have a friend or mentor who is a gifted writer, see whether they would read the essay for you and critique it.

Some folks hire read article writing tutor specifically for this.

If they are willing, you can show them the assessment criteria in the OG, and ask them to follow it. Alternately, you can upload your essay in the online forums and ask for feedback. See this blog for other options. These are the last video lessons assigned in this plan; after this, only quizzes are assigned.

When you are done, check your answers.

Pay attention to sentence structures. Pay attention to arguments. If any give you trouble, consider watching some of the lessons in the module before you undertake them again. Do the practice problems in Chapter 1, Problem Solving: Check your answers when you are done. Do the practice problems in Chapter 2, Problem Solving: Do the practice problems in Chapter 3, Data Sufficiency: Do Low Gmat Optional Essay next RC passage and answer the associated questions.

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Do the practice problems in Chapter 4, Data Sufficiency: From the Argument AWA prompts in the OG, pick another at random or have someone pick it for youand take 30 minutes to write an essay on the computer. Alternately, you can upload your essay in the online forms and ask Low Gmat Optional Essay feedback. At this point, you have finished this book, and nothing more will be assigned from it.

Keep it in mind as a reference as you move through other math practice. This site contains the online version of all the questions in the Read article, in case you want to practice the identical questions online instead of on paper; in addition, the official IR practice questions live here.

Uncheck everything else and do all the Multi-Source Reasoning questions, questionssetting yourself a 45 minute time limit. When you are done, go back and read carefully the Low Gmat Optional Essay explanation for each question. Take notes on anything you need to remember.