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theMatt Harding's videos of himself dancing around the world have drawn more than 20 million views.

Harding is working on a book about his travels titled Where the Hell is Matt. He lives in Seattle with his girlfriend and dog. Photo courtesy Matt Harding hide caption.

Courtesy Matt Harding hide caption. I've had the privilege to see a lot more of the world than anyone my age could reasonably hope to.

A few years ago, on a backpacking trip, I made a video of myself dancing terribly in exotic locations. I put it on my Web site. Some friends started passing it around, and soon millions of people had watched it.

Matt Harding has been to 70 countries to dance–badly–in front of a camera, and videos of his travels are an Internet sensation. Harding believes interacting with. Mar 28, · Dancing To Connect To A Global Tribe Matt Harding has been to 70 countries to dance — badly — in front I believe globalization is forcing our. Here's how I do the ol' This I Believe personal essay assignment: Connecting to a Global Tribe by Matt Harding. I use Matt Harding's essay for mini-lessons/class. The hours critical analysis essay Matthew essays Matt this i harding believe. December 20, @ pm. i need help with my research paper history. this Matt believe i essay harding. December 14, @ pm. research paper on computer security bank. bu dissertation writing music therapy and alzheimer's.

I was offered sponsorship to continue my accidental vocation, and since then I've made two more videos that include 70 countries on all click continents. A lot of people wanted to dance along with me, so I started inviting them to join in everywhere I went, from Toronto to Tokyo to Timbuktu.

Here's what I can report back: People want to feel connected to each other. They want to be heard and seen, and they're curious to hear and see others from places far away. I share that impulse.

It's part of what drives me to travel. But it's constantly at odds with another impulse, which is to reduce and contain my exposure to a world that's way too big for Matt Harding This I Believe Essay to comprehend.

My brain was designed to inhabit a fairly small social network of maybe a few dozen other primates — a tribe. Beyond that size, I start to get overwhelmed. And yet here I am in a world of over 6 billion people, all of whom are now inextricably linked together.

I don't need to travel to influence lives on the other side of the globe. All I have to do is buy a cup of coffee or a tank of gas. My tribe has grown into a single, impossibly vast social network, whether I like it or not. The problem, I believe, isn't that the world has changed, it's that my primitive caveman brain hasn't. I am fantastic at seeing differences.

I can quickly pick out those who look or behave differently, and unless I learn more here override the tendency, I will perceive them as a threat.

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That instinct may have once been useful for my tribe but when I travel, it's a liability. When I dance with people, I see them smile and laugh and act ridiculous. It makes those differences seem smaller. The world seems simpler, and my caveman brain finds that comforting. I believe my children will have brains ever so slightly better suited to the vast complexity that surrounds us. They will be more curious, more eager to absorb and to connect. And I believe when they look into eyes of strangers, what they will see before the differences are the things that are the same.

This I Believe invites you to submit your own statement of belief in lieu of commenting on these essays. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Dancing To Connect To A Global Tribe Matt Harding has been to 70 countries to dance — badly — in front of a camera, and videos of his travels have become an Internet sensation.

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Harding believes interacting with so many different people challenges him to understand what unites humanity. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. March 29, 7: Heard on Weekend Edition Sunday. See Matt's 'Dancing' Video. Seeing Beyond Our Differences. Inviting The World To Dinner. Mysterious Connections that Link Us Together. Contact This I Believe.