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prizes will probablyPresident Barack Obama accused the former Massachusetts governor of running from his own record in pursuit of political power.

The debate reached The measurement and information company Nielsen said Thursday that 11 networks provided live coverage of the debate.

Still, there was no immediate indication that the race would expand beyond the nine battleground states where the rivals and their running mates spend nearly all of their campaign time and advertising dollars. Debate continue reading Colorado is one of them, and Virginia, where Romney headed for an evening speech, is another. Among them, the nine states account for electoral votes out of the needed to win the White House, more than enough to tip the campaign to Obama Resume Vs Romney Resume man or the other.

It was a show of confidence by a man hoping for a quick reversal in pre-debate public opinion polls that showed him trailing in battleground states as well as nationally. I see instead a prosperity that comes through freedom.

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Joblessness was measured at 8. Obama campaigned with the energy of a man determined to make up for a subpar debate showing. Later, before a crowd of tens of thousands in Madison, Wis.

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Romney vs. Obama Undergrad Resumes Revealed: Who Would Get Hired for an Entry Level Job? by Andrew G. Rosen Leave a Comment. Jul 17,  · IRWIN, Pa. — The argument between Mitt Romney and President Obama over who is better suited to help American workers get back on their feet got personal. SUMMARY: Though often described as an upstart or newcomer, Barack Obama has a solid resume in public service work — Obama's 20 years of experience.

Taxes were a particular point of contention between the two men, although they were sharply divided as well on steps the cut the deficit, on government regulation, on education and Medicare. Romney repeated the claim at an evening rally in Fishersville, Va. Romney has refused so far to disclose many of the details to support his assertion that his proposal would not lead to a tax cut.

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His ad was an attempt to parry a report by the Tax Policy Center that Obama has frequently tried used to political advantage, as he did again during the day. The two men debate twice more this month, Oct. Paul Ryan, will share a stage in Danville, Ky. Whatever the eventual outcome of the race, Romney seemed to have achieved his goal of a campaign reset. Democrats braced for tightening polls over the next several days in the states where the campaign will be won or lost.

The head of one Republican-aligned independent group said all such organizations should consider expanding into states that have effectively been written off. Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod acknowledged in a conference call with reporters that an adjustment in strategy would be needed in the debates to come.

May 22,  · President Obama wants us to focus on Mitt Romney’s Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney: Comparing resumes. Romney’s resume to President Obama’s prior. Sep 07,  · Obama vs Romney: It’s About the Resume, Not LikabilityNational Journal - NewsuemThe National Journal presents a panel of . BARACK H. OBAMA PO Box Office Chicago, IL agnix.info agnix.info Senator Obama Resume. Romney vs. Obama Undergrad Resumes Revealed: Who Would Get Hired for an Entry Level Job? by Andrew G. Rosen Leave a Comment. Romney stumped in Virginia, hoping to lock up the battleground state in the waning days of the campaign. Obama began his day in Wisconsin, another key state where a.

While both men prepared extensively for their first head-to-head encounter, Romney had the advantage of having taken part in 19 debates with his Republican rivals over the course of many months.

He seemed to employ many of the techniques that he honed then, insisting on speaking time he claimed he was entitled to, for example, generally without seeming belligerent. Don't miss a story. Like us on Facebook. Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. Powered by the Parse.