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Download freewareWhat should I do? That will keep you from getting into a rut. Here is a random collection of books that have helped broaden my horizons.

I could go on much longer, but this is enough for now. These cover most of the major categories of fiction. Most of them are not suitable for children, but I will note that most of my writer friends were reading books not suitable for children at a very early age.

And so was I. People who are Popular Blog Post Editing For Hire For Phd to be writers tend to grow up fast and read books that would horrify their parents. My opinion is that every novelist needs to read thrillers.

Reading in a wide variety of categories is the best inoculation I know against the dread disease of accidentally writing like your favorite author. There are only so many hours in the day. How do you reach your goals in fiction writing as fast as possible? Is there a shortcut that will get you there quicker?

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The problem is that we all want a quick success. We all want a five-day rush to glory. But a five-year road to glory is quite possible. And the road to glory is not paved with good intentions. That would be the road to hell.

The road to glory is paved with good habits. A set of things you do every day, every day, every day for the rest of your life.

Just set up fifty excellent habits that will put you on the road to glory.

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It takes about three weeks of doing the same thing every day before that habit sticks. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about creating a habit of writing every day. And what are the others?

What is the list of habits you need in order to ride the road to glory? Start with the writing-every-day habit that I blogged about just lately.

Do it for a solid month. And during that monthbe thinking about what the next habit should be. Or a daily reading plan. Or daily something else. Popular Blog Post Editing For Hire For Phd could be anything that will make you a better, stronger, smarter, more productive, more amazing writer. You have a whole month to figure out that next habit. Pick a dynamite one.

When next month rolls around, start that new habit. Maintain the old one, but start the new one. And remember, keep it ridiculously easy for the first three weeks. After that, you can ramp it up if you need to. Eventually, those actions link get quite demanding, but by then, the habit will be in your blood and in your bones.

My habit this month is to get up every morning at 6: I have particular trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The best solution seems to be to do it fast, like ripping off a Band-Aid. In a month, I hope to be solid on this, so I can move on to something more fun.

What reading level should you shoot for in your novel? Second year of college? Fourth year of college? I am paraphrasing a question that I saw posted recently on a writing site. I got the feeling that he wrote his stories first in normal English. I never could figure out why he chose to inflate his words. It made it worse. Eventually I graduated from high school and went to college and majored in math and physics. Along the way, I read a ton of journal articles and technical papers.

Smart people know how to make hard things simple. Part of the genius of Einstein was that he could take a hard problem and make it simple. Same with Richard Feynman, one of the great physicists of the twentieth century. Ditto for Ed Witten, who may be the smartest theoretical physicist of all time.

These guys tackled hard problems. I realized that any fool can solve a hard problem the hard way. It takes a genius to make a hard problem simple. Your mission in writing fiction is to give your reader a powerful emotional experience.

If you also want to make your reader think, learn, reason, or fall into a deep pit of existential despair, feel free to try.

You have a better chance of doing that if your reader actually finishes your novel.

Which they will do if you give them a powerful emotional experience. To be deep, all you Popular Blog Post Editing For Hire For Phd is to have deep ideas. Almost always, short words are better than long ones.

And short sentences are better than long ones. And short paragraphs are better than long ones. Now we can get back to the main question. You may have heard of him. I was hoping it would say at most grade 6. The first scene I tested came in with a grade level of 3.

I thought that might be just a lucky fluke, so I tried the scene just before it. That had a grade level of 1. Then I tried the scene before that. It had a grade level of 3. I just now ran this blog post through the analyzer. The reading grade level for this post is 3. I blame it on the existential despair thing.

When your life feels like a treadmill to nowhere? I hear visit web page writers all the time asking how to manage their time so they can write the novel of their dreams. You need to make it a habit to write every day of the week.

Or every weekday plus every Saturday. Or whatever schedule fits your life. Writing a novel is a major project. Writing the first draft of a novel is going to take you at least a hundred hours, maybe two hundred. Maybe even a bit more. In fact, I just made things a whole lot easier.

Now you have only one:. Now how do you build a habit to write every day? Here are the four steps, and you can start the ball rolling right now:. You may click thinking that 5 minutes per day is too little to get anything done. How are you going to get anywhere on only 5 minutes per day?

The answer is that the 5 minutes per day is just a gateway to bigger things. Building a habit normally takes about three weeks of doing the same thing every day.

During that first three weeks, you want the habit itself to be ridiculously easy. If 5 minutes feels just too short, now you can ramp it up to 6. You always want your writing time to feel ridiculously easy. Which is pretty cool.

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That puts you way ahead of the hundreds of thousands of wannabes out there. You can build a writing career on 30 minutes per day.