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Argumentative essays come in several forms of outline argumentative research paper outline, link analysis outline and argumentative essay outline. Basically, an argumentative research paper, essay or analysis lays emphasis on investigating, evaluation and data collection to enable student come up with a convincing topic. As the name suggests argumentative, all students work has to argue out and counter argue factual information in a convincing way.

A lot Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters good planning is required so as to come up with a convincing topic, introduction, background paragraph, supporting evidence paragraphs, counterargument paragraph, sum up paragraph, supporting evidence and finally a conclusion. Collection of data for argumentative essay can be done through interviews, questionnaires to the respondents, field data collection, phone interviews, surveys etc. There are several characteristics of a good argumentative essay, your professor wants the best argumentative essay so as to give you a good grade.

Convincing topic for your argumentative essay The topic is the most convincing part of an argumentative essay or research paper, one has to look for a topic that is convincing, a topic where you can base your arguments and counter arguments strongly, coherently and in a flowing manner.

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Topics are easier to get online, library, articles, peer reviews, journals and magazines. Examples of topics could be: Transition with the essay It is very important to ensure the transition from the introduction, the custom thesis statement, the body, the arguments, the counter arguments, the supporting evidence and the conclusion is fluid. All this has to flow, conjunctions should be used to link the bits and peaces so as to come up with a fluid yet convincing argumentative essay.

A professor reading such an argumentative essay is able to understand and to associate with the Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters i. When writing about Marijuana and Cancer treatment, one can not talk about the effects of marijuana and then jump to conclusion. Argumentative thesis statement which is clear and concise Every argumentative essay must have a very strong, short and convincing thesis statement that links the whole essay to it.

Thesis statements build the argument and counter arguments that links to the title. Every thesis statement must be supported by arguments and counterarguments that are logical.

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Thesis statements should appear clearly at the introduction paragraph or at the top of the body of the argumentative essay so as to get the meaning of the essay. Examples of argumentative essay thesis statement include. Supporting argumentative evidence and counter evidence No example of argumentative essay can be Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters without supporting evidence. Evidence is the core part of an argumentative essay, evidence can be collected, from interviews i.

It makes the juice that links the arguments and cements them together. Evidence can be displayed inform of graphs, tables, pie charts, scans, and the use of statistical manipulation software like SPSS to bring out the facts. Focus on the arguments and the counter arguments Most examples of argumentative essays portray this clearly, when writing an argumentative essay or research paper focus or attention is mainly directed on dissecting the thesis statements arguments and counter arguments.

How to Write an Introduction to an Argumentative Essay

This is what clearly separates a normal essay or research paper from an argumentative essay. An all inclusive conclusion The conclusion should sum up, gives the significance of the claim, restate the thesis statement and give clear direction of the essay towards the thesis statement and main topic. Conclusions are normally short and less detailed since they act as a summation and pointer to the arguments and counter arguments of the argumentative essay.

It is at this section where recommendation are and the summary i. Argumentative essays audience Generally when writing an argumentative essay, there are various types of audience that it can be written for. Mostly it is written by students in pursuit of higher education who want to improve their grades. Then peers, work colleagues of career linked argumentative essays, argumentative proposals like for funding.

Vivid and click the following article language an argumentative essay should be very clear and vivid in pointing out the core arguments and counter arguments. Clear in the sense that a Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters should be able to understand the arguments without digging so deep in to the evidence. Arguments tend to be vague and unsure when splashed out in an unplanned format.

Read How much should you spend on custom paper writing services. Avoid vague, unclear and unsupported arguments. Vagueness comes up when one places an argument that has no supporting evidence but guesswork.

If you have arguments you must have counterarguments. Nomatter how this may not be to your liking everything with and advantage has a disadvantage. A conclusion concludes, do not introduce new arguments and points at this level of the argumentative essay because it will cause redundancy.

Learn to finish of your paragraphs with a concluding statement that reasserts your thesis statement and claim. How do people associate with music i. History of music i. Pop music, Hiphop music i. The above can be used as argumentative essay example outline. All you have to do is fill our order form. You can also request for assistance on how to write an argumentative essay, we offer argumentative essay help, editing, proofreading services etc.

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Ever since my earlier years as a child, I had a special attraction towards animals, especially those that could be turned domestic. At a very early age, thought I had the power to could communicate with animals Sife, At home, you could easily find me talking to our cat, Patricia whom my mom had kept even before my birth.

It was a common thing to help my mum feed Patricia, and my father was the only one in our family not onboard continue reading having pets in the house.

My father-hated animals, therefore, the idea of even getting close to Patricia pissed him off. However, he could not get rid of Patricia since he saw my attachment towards her. The only reason that stopped him from getting rid of the cat is to avoid making his favorite child sad. It is true to say that, I was a spoiled child since my father could get me anything. This essay deals with the experience I had after the death of my pet. In my early primary school years, I tried to convince my parents to buy me a pet and no one supported the idea, not even my dad.

I got extremely bored after the death of Patricia and my efforts to have another pet barely bore fruits. After joining high school, I took the opportunity to demand the right to own a pet. My parents were proving difficult each other time, when I asked them for a pet. My mother suggested that if I wanted a pet, I needed to buy myself one to show I can be responsible. However, to their surprise, I had saved enough money to get myself a dog for a pet.

My interest in cats as pets had reduced as I grew up. It always seemed cooler when one had a dog as a pet, since I had already experienced how it feels having a cat as a pet. Despite me having saved to buy myself a pet, my father secretly bought me a dog and encouraged to use the money I had saved for another purpose. However, before my father could pay the bill, I had to agree never to reveal to my mother that I was not the one who paid the bill for the dog.

From among the available dogs, I chose a Rottweiler, and it was sold at an average price. The dog has a dark complexion with brown patches around its mouth, on its cheeks and above its eyes. The brown patches made the dog look like it had got its face painted, and it looked cute Straub, According to the salesperson at the pet store, I learnt that the Rottweiler is one of the oldest-known herding dogs.

The original German breed was in earlier years bred to serve as a source companion to man. The dogs are mostly used as guides for the blind, police or guard dogs and search and rescue activities.

All I wanted check this out a masculine dog that I could play with, and this Rottweiler met all the expectation I had. The dog is also intelligent and Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters a strong will to work and protect a home or family. I named the dog, Hoodie with Professional Argumentative Essay Writing Website For Masters reason for the name.

I wanted him to have a unique name rather than have the common names like all other mongrels. On weekdays, I never got enough time to play with Hoodie since I was busy with schoolwork. However, I never missed any chance I had on a weekday to have a little fun.

Especially when I did not have homework or finished my homework early is when I seized the opportunity. I always made sure I fed Hoodie, and one of his best meals was steak. When I was not home, Peter a worker who used to stay with us fed the dog.

I was very strict in inspecting that Hoodie was fed and treated well. Failure to that, one would face the wrath of my father. One day, when I was taking Hoodie for a walk, something tragic happened. As we were walking, Hoodie dropped to the ground was not moving.

On seeing this, I totally freaked out and did not know what to do. The first aid skills I had achieved before completing primary school were continue reading usable on a dog. I started regretting why I had not studied first aid that could work on dogs Sife, After fifteen minutes is when I realized that Hoodie was not pulling one of his pranks. I called my dad who drove to spot about seven minutes later after the call, and it took another twenty minutes to arrive at the nearest veterinary hospital.

My father was a speed freak when it came to click and if not for the traffic we encountered on the way, we would have made it to the hospital in less than ten minutes. On arrival at the hospital, Hoodie started being attended to without hesitation.

We were made to wait out while the doctor tried to save the life of my precious dog.

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After waiting for the doctor in the lobby for over twenty minutes, I could no longer hold my patience. I felt like exploding and needed to know what was happening to Hoodie. It link taken us a whole hour before the doctor got back to us. However, the veterinary doctor came wearing a sad face and being an actor, I was sure there was some bad news.