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positioning the golf ballRevision History Aspire Series Please refer to the table below for the updates made on service guides. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Acer Incorporated.

Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: Gives bits and pieces of additional information related to the current Alerts you to any damage that might result from doing or not doing specific actions. Preface Before using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information.

To better fit local market requirements and enhance product competitiveness, your regional office MAY have decided to extend the functionality of a machine e. Power subsystem ACPI 3. Speaker Delivers audio output. Keyboard For entering data into your computer.

Touchpad Touch-sensitive pointing device which functions like a computer mouse.

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Palmrest Comfortable support area for your hands when you use the computer. External display Connects to a display device VGA port e. Microphone-in Accepts input from external microphones.

Lights up when the optical drive is active. Ejects the optical disk from the drive. Icon Indicators The computer has several easy-to-read status indicators. The front panel indicators are visible even when the computer cover is closed. Using the Keyboard The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function and special keys. Lock Keys and embedded numeric keypad The keyboard has two lock keys which you can toggle on and off. Windows Keys The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions.

Windows key Pressed alone, this key has the same effect as clicking on the Windows Start button; it launches the Start menu. It can also be used with other keys to provide a variety of functions: Above table lists some system memory configurations.

You may Online Write On Lined Paper DIMMs with various capacities to form other combinations. On above table, the configuration of slot 1 and slot 2 could be reversed. System Power Management Item Mech. All devices in the system are turned off completely. Individual devices such as the CPU and hard disc may be power managed in this state. Your computer is already properly configured and optimized, and you do not need to run this utility.

However, if you encounter configuration problems, you may need to run Setup. Main The Main screen allows the user to set the system time and date as well as enable and disable boot option and recovery. Information Main Resume From Standby On Lan y s t e m Ti m e: Security The Security screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.

Setting a Password Follow these steps as you set the user or the supervisor password: The Set Supervisor Password box appears: The password length can not exceed 8 alphanumeric characters A-Z, a-z,not case sensitive. The Set Password box appears. Type the current password in the Enter Current Password field and press Enter. Type a password in the Enter New Password field. Retype the Resume From Standby On Lan in the Confirm New Password field. Boot This menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system.

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Select Boot Devices to select specific devices to support boot. If you do not have a crisis recovery diskette at hand, then you should create a Crisis Recovery Diskette before you click to see more the Flash utility.

Press F2 during boot to enter the Setup Menu. If the AC power is not connected, the following message displays. Plug in the AC power to continue. Flash is complete when the message Flash programming complete displays. Double-click the WinFlash executable. Click OK to begin the update. A progress screen displays. If you key in Resume From Standby On Lan wrong HDD password three times, an error is generated. To reset the HDD password, perform the following steps: After the error is displayed, select the Enter Unlock Password option on the screen.

From a DOS prompt, execute clnpwd. To use Boot Sequence Selector, perform the following steps: Select the desired boot sequence by entering the corresponding sequence. Use a text editor for example: Notepad to open the MAC. You can see the MAC. CFG contents as below: Select the Fast Format option and click Start. Click Format and then Exit to complete the operation. The power button flashes orange. Press power button and the system will enter crisis mode to flash the BIOS.

The outside housing and color may vary from the mass produced model. This chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to disassemble the notebook computer for maintenance and troubleshooting. Disassembly Requirements To disassemble the computer, you need the following tools: Pre-disassembly Instructions Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following: Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals.

A PC that supports the modern standby power model must be capable of waking from standby in response to certain events, even if the platform has entered a very low. The goal of Wi-Fi-connected testing is to identify activities that should not be happening during modern standby and resolve them. The activities might be a result of. Overview of Supervisor Engine Redundancy. Catalyst series switches allow a standby supervisor engine to take over if the primary supervisor engine fails. Cisco Wireless Controller Configuration Guide, Release -High Availability. Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is an Ethernet or token ring computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message.

Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system. External Modules Disassembly Flowchart The flowchart below gives you a graphic representation of the external module disassembly sequence and instructs you on the components that need to be removed during servicing. For example, if you want to remove the keyboard, you must first remove the switch board. Removing the Read more Pack 1.

Slide the battery lock in the direction shown. Slide and hold the battery release latch to the release position 1then lift out the battery pack from the main unit 2. The battery has been highlighted with a yellow oval as shown in the above image. Removing the SD Dummy Card 1. Push the SD dummy card all the way in to eject it.

Pull it out from the slot.

Removing the Lower Covers 1. Link the HDD cover as shown. Carefully open the Memory Cover. Removing the Optical Drive Module 1. Remove the screw securing the ODD module. Insert a suitable tool into the access slot in the battery bay as shown. Gently lever the ODD module out of the chassis.

Remove the ODD bezel by rotating the top edge downward and pulling it clear of the module. Step Size Quantity Screw Type Remove the DIMM module. Repeat steps for the second DIMM module if present. Remove the adhesive tape securing the Antenna cables in place.

When reattaching the antennas, ensure Resume From Standby On Lan cables are tucked into the chassis to prevent damage. Remove two 2 screws from the WLAN bracket. Lift the WLAN bracket clear of the chassis. Removing the Hard Disk Drive Module 1. Using the pull-tab, slide the HDD Module in the direction of the arrow to disconnect the interface.

To prevent damage to device, avoid pressing down on it or placing heavy objects on top of it. Remove the four 4 screws two each side securing the hard disk to the carrier.

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