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are methods that keptYour resume is your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your skills and expertise, so that hiring managers will recognize you as the person they're looking for.

Still, writing your resume presents a challenge: Resume Assistant in Word helps get your creative juices flowing by showing you examples of how real people -- professionals in the fields you're interested in -- describe their work experience and skills. Resume Assistant - LinkedIn features.

If you don't see Resume Assistant, it's likely The Best Resume Book rollout has not reached you yet, as we are staging it gradually. There are other factors that affect availability; jump down to Not seeing Resume Assistant? Type the role you're interested in, such as project managerand optionally, an industry, such as computer software.

Click See examplesand Resume Assistant shows you work experience descriptions you can use as inspiration for writing your own description.

In addition to the examples of work experience, Resume Assistant shows you top skills related to the role, as identified by LinkedIn. For ideas on how to weave pertinent skills into your descriptions, try filtering the examples by the skills you have. Resume Assistant also surfaces open job opportunities that might interest you. Use the short descriptions for ideas on how to tailor your resume even further.

When you finish editing your resume, you can click on these jobs to learn more or apply for the job. You don't need a LinkedIn account to use Resume Assistant, although you can sign in to LinkedIn or sign up for an account when you follow a link from Word to the LinkedIn site. The Best Resume Book certain English-language localeswhen you start a new resume based on one of Word's resume templatesResume Assistant opens automatically.

Also, if Word detects that you're working on a resume, it opens Read more Assistant for you.

The work experience examples are drawn from public profiles on LinkedIn, and they're based on the roles and industries you choose, so you get ideas on how to tailor your descriptions. Remember, the descriptions are examples only.

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Your resume reflects you, not someone else. Because Resume Assistant is showing you public profiles, you only see the experience and skill descriptions, not who they belong to.

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If you have a LinkedIn account, the information you share in your public profile is available to be shown in Resume Assistant, but you can opt out in your privacy settings. This feature is being made available to customers on a gradual basis over several days or weeks.

It will first be available to Office Insider participants, and later to Office subscribers. If you are an Office subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office. For now, Resume Assistant is available only in Word for Windows, and only a few locale and language settings are supported.

Resume Assistant is available only when you're editing a document, so the ribbon The Best Resume Book will appear dimmed when you've opened a document you don't have permission to edit, and any time you open a document as read-only.

If the Resume Assistant button appears dimmed and you're editing the document, then LinkedIn integration has been switched off. For more information about this setting, see About LinkedIn information and features in Microsoft apps and services. Additionally, your organization's Office administrator might have made Resume Assistant unavailable to you see Enabling LinkedIn integration in Azure Active The Best Resume Book for more information.

Resume Assistant is available only when the display language of Word is set to English, and when your Windows region is set to one of the following home locations location settings are under Region in Windows Control Panel. For information about how to set the display language in Word, see Add a language or set language preferences in The Best Resume Book and later.

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