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They studied the functions of each facility and here nature of the storage systems employed.

Their report, submitted in Februarydetailed different approaches used to achieve the respective center's mission.

Particularly relevant in light of future events were the findings with regard to fire preventiondetectionand suppression systems. The Naval records center in Garden City, New York, for example, was outfitted with a full fire sprinkler systemwhile the Department of Defense facility in Alexandria, Virginia was not.

This reflected an ongoing debate at the time among archivists and librarians about the relative merits of sprinkler systems: Some The Fire Sprinkler Essay that there was a greater chance for water damage from the activation of one or more sprinkler headswhether in a fire or accidentally, than the chance of fire damage without sprinklers to suppress it, while others were of the opposite opinion.

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Please plan to attend the next Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association Meeting at AM on Tuesday January 9, at SPP Pumps. The meeting will begin at and. The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) is a trade association in the U.S. serving companies that sell, distribute, and service fire equipment. The National Personnel Records Center fire of , also referred to as the National Archives fire was a fire that occurred at the Military Personnel Records.

The building was constructed of prestressed concrete floors and roof supported by concrete interior columns and surrounded by a curtain wall of aluminum and glass.

On each of the floors were large spaces for records storage, stretching hundreds of feet and containing no firewalls or other firestopping to limit the spread of fire. Along the north side of each floor were offices, separated from the records storage area by a concrete block wall. The entire facility lacked heat or smoke detectors to automatically detect fire or a fire sprinkler system to automatically extinguish fire.

By The Fire Sprinkler Essay time of the fire, their ranks had swelled to over 52 million records. Additionally,cubic feet 14, cubic metres of military unit records were added to the collection of the center.

The staff of the center The Fire Sprinkler Essay of consisted of more than 2, personnel, including GSA management source staff as well as military and civilian personnel from the ArmyNavy Air ForceMarinesthe Army Reservethe FBIand others.

Ultimately, the fire burned out of control for 22 hours, being fought from the exterior of the building because heat and smoke within compelled firefighters to withdraw at 3: Insufficient water pressure plagued efforts and a pumper broke down mechanically in its 40th continuous hour of operation. Crews entered the building again on July 14 while the fire continued to smolder for another two days.

Campus fire safety by the numbers. From , U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 4, structure fires in dormitories. The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) is a trade association in the U.S. serving companies that sell, distribute, and service fire equipment. Unusual Scholarships. Everyone knows there are plenty of scholarships out there for the egghead, the jock, the feminist, the free spirit, and even the average student. Hamilton Relay has been providing telecommunications relay services for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled since Hamilton Relay is a.

The fire was declared out on the morning of July 16 but crews continued using spray to suppress rekindling until the end please click for source the month. The exact cause The Fire Sprinkler Essay the fire was never fully determined. An investigation in suggested embers of cigarettes, which were present in several trash cans as a possible cause, and at least one local newspaper reported that an employee had started the fire by smoking in the records area a report largely assumed as false.

Deliberate arson was ruled out as a cause almost immediately by investigators, as interviews of some personnel who had been in the building just twenty minutes before the first fire alarm reported nothing out of the ordinary. Ininvestigators of the General Services Administration stated that an electrical short was most likely the cause of the fire but, due to the near total destruction of the 6th floor where the fire had occurred, a specific investigation into the electrical systems was impossible.

None of the records that were destroyed in the fire had duplicate copies made, nor had they been copied to microfilm. No index of these records was made prior to the fire, and millions of records were on loan to the Veterans Administration at the time of the fire. This made it difficult to precisely determine which records were lost.

On the morning of the National Archives Fire, a very small number The Fire Sprinkler Essay U.

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Navy, Coast Guardand Marine Corps records were out of their normal file area being worked on as active requests by employees of the National Archives and Records Administration who maintained their offices on the 6th floor of the building. When the NPRC fire began, these Navy and Marine Corps records were caught in the section of the building which experienced the most damage in the fire.

The exact number of Navy and Marine Corps records destroyed in the fire is unknown, since such records were being removed only for a few days while information was retrieved from the record and were not normally stored in the area of the building which experienced the fire. Estimates indicate that the number of affected records was no more than two to three check this out. Such records are considered "special cases", and no accounting could be made of which records were affected, so the present policy of NPRC is to state that there were no Navy and Marine Corps records destroyed in the fire and to treat these records as records that had been lost in ordinary circumstances.

The destroyed sixth floor of the NPRC also housed a security vault which contained high profile and notable records of U. Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The sixth floor security vault also held all the records of current NPRC employees continue reading had their own Navy and Marine Corps records retired at the agency.

The fire destroyed the entire 6th floor of the National Personnel The Fire Sprinkler Essay Center and greatly affected the 5th floor with water damage. As part of the reconstruction, the entire 6th floor was removed due to the extensive damage, resulting in the current structure now consisting of 5 floors. The rehabilitated building has firewalls to divide the large, open records storage areas. Smoke detection and sprinkler systems have also been added to prevent a repetition of the fire.

Signs of the fire can still be seen today. A massive effort to restore destroyed service records began in In most cases where a military record has been The Fire Sprinkler Essay destroyed, NPRC is able to reconstruct basic service information, such as military date of entry, date of discharge, character of service, and final rank.

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