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important assume regards theDigital Thesis Submission Form Fill in the form to submit a copy of your thesis.

You will be sent a link to your published thesis. The thesis must be the final draft version officially approved by the University and must include all corrections. Honours theses will be considered for inclusion in consultation with your Faculty and Supervisor.

What are the benefits of undertaking a research thesis?There are many good reasons to take an elective which allows you to research in depth in an area of law you are. An undergraduate law degree at UTS may be awarded with first or second class Honours. This does not require an additional Honours year. Instead, there are different. Research Thesis 6cp; availability: all students in LLB and LLB combined programs, and who are in line to receive their law degree with Honours Requisite(s. Honours theses will be considered for inclusion in The OAK Law Project at Queensland More information about thesis submission is available on the UTS. Research Thesis. Warning: The information on this page is indicative. The subject outline for a particular session, location and mode of offering is the.

Please check your thesis for any material that is subject to copyright. For example, if you have used any illustrations, tables or photographs that are not your own creation, you may need to obtain written permission from the copyright owners for online publishing.

Let us know if you have or haven't obtained this permission. If you cannot obtain written permission, then we may have to restrict access to those sections. However, it is acknowledged that occasionally access to a thesis needs to be restricted, wholly or in part, for varying periods.

If you wish to place a particular restriction on the access to your thesis, you will need to discuss this with both your supervisor and the UTS: Graduate Research School first.

Once you have permission, let us know what these restrictions are when you submit your thesis. If you are submitting your thesis in PDF format, please do so without any security settings in place. This will ensure the long term preservation of your work.

More information about thesis submission is available on the UTS: Research Students pages requires Click here Uts Law Honours Thesis. For information on how to format your thesis spacing, margins etc - you can refer to the Thesis Presentation and Submission page requires UTS login.

There is also a formatting document for Science theses. If you need assistance with your thesis, go to the Help section.

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