What To Do When Severely Depressed - Specialist's opinion

Bill Johnson termsA while ago, I penned a fairly angry response to something circulating on the internet — the 21 Habits of Happy People. I did more therapy.

My baseline is melancholic. I got seasonal depression. I got that under control. Then I got really, really sick. My last pain-free day was four years ago. So, this Cult of Happy article just set me off.

It leaves people to fend for themselves. There is no miracle behaviour change that will flip that switch for you. A friend of mine suggested that I write something from my point of view because, surprisingly, I manage to give an outwards impression of having my shit together.

I was shocked to hear this. And I find this comical, but I see her point. Telling you these things makes them feel better, even if it makes you feel like shit. If they insist on keeping it up, see You need to talk about the ugly shit, and there are people paid to listen and help you find your way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

They can be helpful. There are lots to choose from. They may not be for you, and even if they are, they take some time to kick in. Conversely, they may not be for you.

Work with your doctor. Or, sign up for the thing you always wanted to try. There is a long history and link between depression and creativity. I went through a whole six week episode of tomatoes and cream cheese on a bagel twice a day. Conversely, if all you want to do is scarf down crap, try to off-ramp it by downing a V-8 and doing 9 for 15 minutes, and see how you feel.

This has the effect of Nyquil. Swap out your coffee for herbal tea.

If you just cannot sleep, try the next tip…. Start by focusing on your breathing. Not sleep, not thoughts. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Meditation is focusing on being present in your body, not careening around in your brain. It may not be as good as sleep but it will give you some rest and recharge you.

Look out into the world.

Relief from severe depression and suicidal ideation within hours: from synapses to symptoms

Try to find something you find pretty or interesting here focus on. And, handily remember that one in five of those people out there feel the way you do.

Better out than in. Carry Kleenex and face wipes and extra concealer if you wear makeup. You can always claim allergies. Polite 2 is one thing, but there is a limit. You know who they are. What you have been saddled with is your shit.

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This is an old Buddhist saying. It takes as much time to put on nice clothes as it does to put on sweatpants. You will want to wear the sweatpants. Old episodes of WonderWoman? Mindless drivel, like the latest CGI blockbuster. Or clever, funny books. Fiction exists to elicit emotion, and the emotion you need to express most right now is laughter. It can be something as simple as taking the stairs up a flight, or walking around the block.

Depression will try to tell you what others are thinking.

I don't know about you, but when I'm severely depressed 90 percent of my negative thinking is based on the fact that I am a failure because all my cognitive. I know of no better depiction of the guts of what it's like to be severely depressed: clutching your blanket, you are born into the baffling, boring. But clinical depression is marked by a depressed mood most of the day, Major or clinical depression is a serious but treatable illness. When Depression Is Severe. If a friend who's severely depressed made you promise not to tell The most important thing a depressed person can do is to get. Helping Someone with Depression You may notice the problem in a depressed loved one before they do, and your influence and concern can motivate them to seek help.

You are not a psychic. The only way to know what another person is thinking is to up and ask them. You know someone like me. And they will help you. Today, I got outside for ten minutes. I will try again tomorrow. And I will try again the day after that. This list will not cure you. This list will not flip on the happy switch. God, I wish it were that easy. The theme here is to not to unknowingly sabotage yourself.

The first step in treating depression is recognizing that you are depressed. The second step is seeking help. WebMD tells you where and who can go to for help. The following are some of the signs and symptoms used by various segments of the medical community to identify when someone is severely depressed. What to Do with a Depressed Spouse. my husband has been either mildly or severely depressed. I do want to make him happy and myself happy. How to Help Someone With Depression What to do when someone you love is depressed.

All these little things? Like your blood sugar, or watching nonstop episodes of House, or endless Try Harder lectures from your Perpetually Perky sister? They all make dealing with depression just a tiny bit harder than it needs to be. Downloadable, printable, nonsweary version of the 21 tips here.

The feedback has been wonderful - all I wanted to set out to do was something helpful. For those of you who want to see the original rant, Here it is. Also, a few people have mentioned that having a critter is a great thing to keep source on track, that taking care of something and having something rely on you keeps you going. And, I wrote this in Canada, where we have universal health care. You can sometimes find a community health centre, or sometimes your work benefits will source an employee support or assistance plan as part of your insurance.

Friend, family - even your local distress centre. This - um, wow. N ov 15 - Update again. This work is under a creative common copyright. I've got a rare genetic disease EDS - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that makes me a medical hot mess of severe pain and joint instability. I spend my sick-time DIYing accessories So, here it is. Lots of fashion, too many What To Do When Severely Depressed, some mental health and occasionally politics.