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welcome Then againTwilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives. How sometimes names of Spirits are taken from those things over which they are set.

I Finde yet another kinde of names given to the spirits from those things, which they are set over, their names being as it were borrowed from the Stars, or men, or places, or times, or such like things, the divine name being added at the end, thus. The spirit of Saturn is called Sabathiel: Now because as we said before all spirits, as well good as bad, seek for a union with man, which oftentimes in some sort they obtain, we read that some men are called Gods, and angels, and Divels [devils].

So the names of them which are endowed with any singular excellency of vertue, or with some desperate wickedness have departed this life, have obtained a place amongst the names of good and bad Demons, and are reckoned amongst them, whether we shall think that the souls of those men or the Genii whether good or bad are signified.

Phaniel is the name of an Angel, and of the place where Jacob wrestled all night. Ariel is the name of an angel, and is the same as the Lion of God; sometimes also it is the name of an evil Demon, and of a City which is thence called Ariopoliswhere the Idol Ariel was worshipped. We finde also in sacred writ that many names of evil Demons had their rise from most wicked men, or from the Super 42 Essay of Write A Philosophy Book men; as the name Astaroth which is the name of an evill Demon, was formerly the name of the City of Og King of Basanin which dwelt giants; in like manner Astaroth was formerly the City of the Amorrhei; Raphaim a valley, and Ieramiel the country of the Allophyli ; and also they were the names of Idols, and evill Demons; as Remma was the statue of the Idol of Damascus; Chamos the Idol of Moab; Melchim the Idol of the Amontae; Bel the Idol of Babylonians; Adramelech the Idol of the Assirians [Assyrians]; Dagon the Idol of the Allophyli.

And Philo makes mention of seven golden Statues which the Amorrhei had, which they called the holy Nymphswhich being called upon did shew to the Amorrhei every hour their works; and the names of them were the names of women, which were the wives of seven wicked men, which consecrated them after the floud [flood], viz.

Chanaan, Phut, Selath, Nebroth, Abirion, Elath, Desuat, and there were put upon them pretious [precious] stones, engraven, and consecrated, one of which had a vertue to restore sight to the blind; neither could any fire burn these stones; and the books were consecrated with stones, which in like manner could not be burnt with fire, nor cut with yron [iron], nor obliterated with water, until the angel of the Lord took them, and buried them in the bottome of the sea.

Moreover we know that Nimbroth, Chodorlaomor, Balach, Amalech, names of Kings, have obtained the order of evill spirits. But after that he had found favor in the eyes of God, he begot Seth after his own image, and likeness, Write A Philosophy Book. It is also as saith Porphyry the opinion of Magicians, that evill souls are turned into the nature of Divels [devils], and become as pernicious as they; which Christ confirmed, when he spake concerning Judas Iscariot: Have not I chosen twelve, and one of you is a divel?

Whence the names of wicked men and divels are the same, whether by these we call their souls, or evil Genii, which have taken upon them the names of wicked men, as if it were their persons. Also Behemoth, and the Leviathan signifie beasts, and divels [devils]. By these examples he that is inquisitive shall finde out the names of good, as well as of evil spirits. Of the Characters and Seals of spirits. We must now speak of the Characters and Seals of spirits.

Characters therefore please click for source nothing else then certain unknowable letters and writings, preserving the secrets of the Gods, and names of spirits from the use and reading of prophane [profane] Write A Philosophy Book, which the Ancients called Hyeroglyphicall [hieroglyphical], or sacred letters, Write A Philosophy Book devoted How To Business Plan For An the secrets of the Gods only.

For they did account it unlawfull to write the mysteries of the God [gods] with those Characters with which profane and vulgar things were wrote. Whence Porphyry saith, that the Ancients were willing to conceal God, and divine vertues by sensible figures, and by those things which were visible, yet signifying invisible things, as being willing to deliver great mysteries in sacred letters, and explain them in certain Symbolical figures; as when they dedicated all round things to the World, the Sun, the Moon, hope, and fortune, a circle to the heaven, and parts of a circle to the Moon, Pyranide [pyramids] and Obelisks to the fire, and Olympian Gods; a Cylinder to the Sun and Earth; a mans Write A Philosophy Book [penis] to generation and Juno, to whom also by reason of the feminine sex the triangular figure.

Wherefore this kind of Characters hath another root beside the pleasure, and authority of the institutor, of him I say, who received power of instituting, and consecrating these kind of letters, such as were many Prelates amongst divers Nations, and Sects of Religions, whose Write A Philosophy Book came not to us, by reason that few of them were delivered by the Authors scatteringly, and by fragments. Of this kind of character therefore are those which Peter Apponus [Petrus de Abano] notes, as delivered by Honorius of Thebesthe figures Write A Philosophy Book are such, being related to our Alphabet.

This is based on Trithemius' Polygraphia: I have not been able to identify any such passage in any of the many voluminous works of De Abano that I have searched. Another manner of making Characters, delivered by Cabalists.

Amongst the Hebrews I finde more fashions of Characters, whereof one is most ancient, viz. There is also amongst them a writing which they call Celestiall, because they shew it placed and figured amongst the Stars, no continue reading then the other Astrologers produce images of signs from the lineaments of Stars. There is also a writing which they call Malachimor Melachim, i.

Curiositez inouyes sur la sculpture talismanique des Persans: Gaffarel identifies the source as Rabbi Eliahou Chomer, R. Kapol or Samuel Capoland Abindan, "who are the three that have written the most.

The writing called Malachim.

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The writing called the passing of the River. Described by Abraham ben Meir de Balmis. In aedibus Danielis Bo[m]bergi,sig. B6vthus preceding Agrippa by ten years. There is moreover another fashion amongst the Cabalists, formerly had in great esteem, but now it is so common, that it is placed amongst prophane things, and it is this.

The twenty seven Characters of the Hebrews may be divided into three Classes, whereof every one contains nine letters. The third hath the other four letters, with the five final, by order, viz. They do now and then distribute these three Classes into nine Chambers, whereof the first is of unites [unities], viz.

The second is of Twos. The third of Threes, and so of the rest: These Chambers are framed by the intersection of four parallel lines, intersecting themselves into right angles, as is expressed in this following figure.

Out of which being dissected into parts, proceed nine particular figures, viz. Which are of the nine Chambers, Characterizing their letters by the above written Notariacon: Which then are contracted to three figures, after this manner.

Which then are contracted into one, yet the points Notariacon are wont to be omitted, and then there comes forth such a Character of Michael. There is yet another fashion of Characters, common to almost all letters, and tongues, and very easie, which is by the gathering together of letters; as if the name of the Angel Michael be given, the Characters thereof shall be framed thus.

And this fashion amongst the Arabians is most received; Neither is there any writing which is so readily, and elegantly joyned [joined] to it self, as the Arabick. Now you must know that Angelicall spirits, seeing they are of a pure intellect, and altogether incorporeall, are not marked with any marks or Characters, and pingible figures, or any other humane signs; but we not knowing their essence, or quality, do from their names, or works, or otherwise, according to our fancies devote click the following article consecrate to them figures, and marks, by which we cannot any way compel them to us, but by which we rise up to them; as not to be known by such Characters, and figures, and first of all we do set our senses both inward and outward, upon them; then by a certain admiration of our reason we are induced to a Religious veneration of them, and then are wrapt with our whole minde into an extaticall [ecstatic] adoration, and then with a wonderfull belief, an undoubted hope, quickening love we calling upon them in spirit, and truth, by true names and Characters do obtain from them that vertue, or power which we desire.

There is yet another fashion of Characters, and concerning marks of spirits which are received by revelation. There is another kind of Character received by Revelation only, which can be found out no other way: Of this kind there was a mark or sign shewed to Constantine, which many did call the Crosse write upon in Latin letters, In hoc vince i. So Judas, who by reason of that was afterward see more Machabeus, being to fight with the Jews against Antiochus Eupator, received from an Angel that notable sign in the vertue of which they first slew with an infinite number of Elephants, then again For that sign did represent the name Jehovah and was a memorable emblem of the name of Who is there amongst the strong as Jehovah [ Tetragrammaton Write A Philosophy Book 1 The figures of these memorable signs are to be framed thus.

On the Art of the Kabbalah Tr. Martin and Sarah Goodman. Lincoln Write A Philosophy Book,p. Moreover of those signs and Characters Porphyrie [Porphyry] speaks in his book De ResponsisWrite A Philosophy Book that they did signifie the gods themselves, by whom they did enjoy things, and by which they were called forth, and which were to be offered to them: And did show the figures of the images what they should be; and that he perceived these things concerning the Oracle of Proserpina.

Which things if they were done, she would appear, and answer the worker thereof by dreams. But we shall here under-write the Oracle of Hecate; for thus she speaks, Marke I will teach What statue thou shalt make For me; boughs of the wood, and wormwood take, Then garnisg it, on't paint domestick mice; Let ornaments be fair, and of great price.

Then frankincense, myrrh, storax mix't with blood Of mice, then sing thou words secret and good; As thou seest shapes of mine, so on it lay, As many reall mice; then take the bay, And out of th' trunk thereof a case prepare To put it in; then see thou have a care, That to the Statue thou Write A Philosophy Book pray, Also thy debts, and vows take care thou pay; If that these things that here required be, Thou shalt perform, in dreams thou shalt me see.

Such were in old times the secret mysteries of the gods and Demons of the Gentils [gentiles], by which they did perswade [persuade] themselves to be compelled, detained, and hound by men. Hence Jamblicus [Iamblichus], and Porphyrie [Porphyry] teach that he that calls upon sacred Demons must observe them, with their proper honour, and to distribute to each what is convenient to every one, as thanks, oblations, gifts, sacrifices, with words, Characters sutable [suitable] to their conditions, and most like unto them; or else he should never obtain the presence of the Deities, and Demons, and the desired effect; Moreover if they were called upon, yet they shall be constrained to hurt them especially who did it neglegently.

How good spirits may be called up by us, and how evil spirits may be overcome by us. By the efficacy of Religion the presence of spirits doth dispose the effect, read more can any work of wonderfull efficacy in Religion be done, unless some good spirit the ruler and finisher of the work be there present. Now good spirits, if they may be divers wayes called up, yet can by no bonds, or vary hardly be allayed by us, but we must by some sacred things beseech them, as we read in Apuleius, by the Celestiall Stars, by the infernall dieties [deities], by the naturall elements, by the silence of the night, by the increase of the Country of Nilus, by Write A Philosophy Book secrets of Memphis and elsewhere is Porphyrie [Porphyry]: Thou who art risen out of the mud, who sittest in thy place, who sailest in ships, who every hour dost change thy shape, and art changed in each sign of the Zodiack.

By see more, and such like, Symbolicall orations and hymnes, because they are signes of Divine vertues, spirits did sometimes apply themselves to humane uses: Also the divining of sutable things works so with mans mind, that good spirits do assist us willingly, and communicate their power and vertue to us, dayly [daily] helping us with illuminations, inspirations, oracles, prophecyings, dreams, miracles, prodigies, divinations, and auguries, and working upon and acting upon our spirits, as images like to them, by framing them by their influences, and making them most like to themselves even so far, as that oftentimes our spirit doth as surely work wonderfull things as the Celestial spirits are wont to do.

But evil spirits are overcome by us through the assistance of the good, especially when the petitioner is very pious and devout, and sings forth sacred words, and a horrible speech, as by conjuring the Divine power by the venerable names, and signs of supernaturall powers, by miracles, by Sacraments, by sacred mysteries, and such like; which conjurations, or adurations, in as much as they are done by the name and power of Religion, and Divine vertue, those evil spirits are afraid of; whence also oftentimes prophane men do bind or allay by such kinde of sacred conjurations, evil spirits not enduring such things, whence Cyprian in his book Quod Idola Dii non sintsaith; that spirits being adjured by the true God to presently yeeld to us, and confesse, and are forced to go out of possessed bodies, and either presently leap out, please click for source by degrees vanish, according as the faith of the Patient is helping, or grace of the swearer aspires.

And Athanasius in his book De Variis Questionibus saith that there is no word more terrible and more destructive to the power of Devils then the beginning of the Psalm, Arise O God, and let thine enemies be scattered ; For assoon as that word is spoken, the devill vanisheth away howling.

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And Origen against Celsus saith, that the naming the name Jesus hath oftentimes cast many devils as well out of the souls of men as their bodies, and hath exercised much power in them out of whom the devils were cast. Also we do oftentimes with threats and revilings bind or repell evil source, especially the lesser, as Haggs, Incubiand such like, as we read in Lucan Write A Philosophy Book that witch saying, I will now call you up by a true name, The stygian dogs I in the light supreme Will leave, and follow you also through grave, From all the Urnes in death I will you save, Thee O Hecate, unto the Write A Philosophy Book will shew, To whom continue reading addresse thy self in other hew, Thou wast wont in wan form, and without grace, And thee forbid to change Erebus his face.

Now assoon as Apollonius knew what it was, grievously reviling it advised his companions to do the like: His companions did as he advised, and the Phantasme presently with a noise vanished away like a shadow: For so fearfull is this kind of spirits, that they are moved, tremble, and are compelled by a feigned terrour, and false and impossible threats.

Whence Chereon the holy scribe saith that these are those things by which especially the spirits are compelled. There is moreover as hath been above said, a certain kind of spirits not so noxious, but most neer to men, so that they are even affected with humane passions, and many of these delight in mans society, and willingly dwell with them: Some of them dote upon women, some upon children, some are delighted in the company of divers domestick and wild animals, some inhabit Woods and Parks, some dwell about fountains and meadows.

So the Fairies, and hobgoblins inhabit Champian fields; the Naiades fountains: He therefore that will call upon them, may easily doe it in the places where their abode is, by alluring them with sweet fumes, with pleasant sounds, and by such instruments as are made of the guts of certain animals and peculiar wood, adding songs, verses, inchantments sutable Write A Philosophy Book suitable] to it, and that which is especially to be observed in this, the singleness of the wit, innocency of the mind, a firm credulity, and constant silence; wherefore they do often meet children, women, and check this out and mean men.

Activities Write A Philosophy Book the

They are afraid of and flie from men of a constant, bold, and undaunted mind, being no way offensive to good and pure men, but to wicked and impure, noxious. Hence Plotinus saith, Write A Philosophy Book the souls of men are sometimes made spirits: Evil spirits; But they may be called ghosts when it is uncertain whether they have deserved well or ill.

Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that which Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which there appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man.

And Philostratus tels of the like of a hag of Menippus Lycius the Philosopher turned into a beautifull woman of Corinthwhom Tyaneus Apollonius took to be a hobgoblin; Write A Philosophy Book same at Ephesusthe like in the shape of an old beggar who was the cause of the pestilence, who therefore being by his command stoned, there appeared a mastive [mastiff] dog, and presently the pestilence ceased.

We must know this that whosoever shall intellectually work in evil spirits, shall by the power of source spirits bind them; but he that shall work only worldlily, shall work to himself judgement and damnation.

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Of the bonds of spirits, and of their adjurations, and castings out. The bonds by which spirits are bound, besought, or cast out, are three; Some of them are taken from the elementall world, as when we adjure a spirit by any inferiour and naturall things of affinity with or adverse to them, in as much as we would call upon or cast them out, as by flowers, and herbs, by animals, by snow by ice, by Write A Philosophy Book, by fire, and such like, as these also are oftimes mixed with Divine praises, and blessings, and consecrations, as appears in the song Write A Philosophy Book the three Children, and in the Psalm, Praise ye the Lord from the heavens, and in the consecration and blessing http://agnix.info/edu-help/the-biography-of-english-writers-quotes-for-the-day.php the Paschal taper.

This bond doth work upon the spirits by an apprehensive vertue under the account of love, or hatred, in as much as the spirits are present with or favour, or abhor anything that is naturall or against nature, as these things themselves love or hate one the other.

Hence that of Proclus, As the Lion fears a cock, especially a white cock: The second bond is taken from the Celestial world, viz: